About Dynamic Auction Closing

Dynamic Auction Closing

Times posted on cyberauctions.com are subject to Dynamic Closing. If any bids are placed within 5 minutes of the scheduled auction closing time, the entire auction will extend by an additional 5 minutes. The auction will continue with the new scheduled closing time. This process will repeat itself for an hour at which time the extended period will go in 2-minute increments until no one places a bid within two minutes of the closing time. Bids placed during the third or more hours will extend the auction in 1-minute increments.

Use the maximum bid feature to have the system automatically bid for you if you are unable to attend the closing of the auction. Dynamic Closing helps to ensure that all interested bidders get a chance to place a winning bid for any item they are interested in.

Accelerated Auction Closing is not available for all auctions.

We have added a timer to the auction lots themselves.  The lots will close if no new bids come in the allotted time.

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