Business Liquidations - Auction Your Business AssetsEhli Auctions specializes in selling business assets. Our team will organize, clean and prepare your inventory for auction. We will take photographs, create videos, write descriptions, and post all items on Ehli Auctions real-time bidding platform

Your auction is set up online as a unique event. We will market your auctions using multiple channels for maximum exposure and notify our 62,000 plus customers. Once the auction has closed, we will send out the invoices, collect payments on your behalf, and our staff will assist our customers in the removal/checkout process. Checkouts often take as little as one or two days. We provide fast payments and detailed reports of the auction results. Call us at (253) 572-0990 for an appointment.

If you have just a few items you wish to sell, please give us a call to have your items added to our general consignment auctions. We sell more than 5,000 lots each month in our bi-monthly online auctions at our main Tacoma facility, Ehli Auctions. Turn your idle assets into cash.

Select "Past Auctions" from the dashboard to see picture archives and sales information from past auctions. Sellers/Consignors do not pay out any upfront expenses. 

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