Join the Marketplace Date Posted: March 9, 2023, 12:25 pm was developed by Randy Ehli, CEO of Ehli Auctions. Beginning in 1999, when he purchased the name, the program has become the one to copy. Now with over 20 years of development and testing from our company full-time since 2008, we are now opening our platform up to the auction industry.

This platform is not meant to be for every company. We do not provide software for webcasting, live auctions, or online multi par real-estate auctions. We only specialize in the management of our online only software in a real-time environment. It is meant for the seasoned online auction company that understands the value of real-time bidding with a sophisticated auction closing.

The platform can sell over 2,500 lots with only around two hours of extended bidding. Most systems sell around 180 lots or less an hour, which sounds fast, but with 2,500 or more in one auction event that would take thirteen hours minimum.

With our platform you don't need to keep a second or "main" website as we give you a site that you can customize without hiring our programmers. We have a built-in editor for all of the static pages. If you can run a word processor, then you can customize your pages. We are an event driven platform and have worked hard to recreate as much as possible the excitement and timeliness of a live auction.

We are capable of handling over 1,000 bidders bidding on over 3,000 lots in one auction. Managing the invoicing, collections, and shipping along with managing the removal of the assets is not an easy task, but we keep you organized. Our programing staff continues to work every daily to bring enhancements and updates to our platform. Our customer dashboard and personalized navigation provides more features for our bidders than any other program.

Most bidding platforms cater to the auction company, but we put the bidding customer first and the rest falls into place. We bring our experience and best practices to our sellers. We have taken new sellers who were never in the auction business and enabled them to have more than 1 million dollars in sales in their first year. We like auctioneers and live auctions. Ehli Auctions has been around since 1920 and is run by it's 3rd and 4th generation, but unless you are conducting big event type auctions like the Barret Jacksons of the world you will make more money with online auctions.

We understand data ownership and we balance the individual auction companies interest with that of the cyberauctions marketplace.

Online auction innovation comes from Randy developed one of the first auction software programs in 1978. He has the technical background and 42+ years in the auction industry to work with his programmers and lead the way.

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